VayaMoja App


Intervate created the VayaMoja public transport mobile app to bring a positive citizen experience back into Public Transport, and as a result transformed the public transport experience into an amazing smart city adventure.

1. Customer

City of Johannesburg, South Africa

2. About the City of Johannesburg

The City of Johannesburg is one of eight metropolitan cities in South Africa and has a population of over 4.4 million people and is the most densely populated urban area within South Africa.

3. Business Problem

The app was envisioned and developed for the Eco-Mobility festival in Sandton, Johannesburg that was held in October 2016 ( . The festival itself was born on the idea that a greener future can be a reality in a high-density commercial business and shopping hub in South Africa.

The festival would stimulate challenges that had never been experienced, nor seen before, in South African public transport. There would be limited road access, road closures in a commercial hub, the concept of broader use of bicycles and delivering highly structured public transport availability. In South Africa, the elements of the public transport system range from completely informal, through semi-regulated, to structured but unreliable. These challenges had to be overcome for the Eco-Mobility festival so that the commercial district could function as normal. This foray into the mechanics of a smarter, greener, inner-city hub would require smart technology.

The business problem addressed was one of providing information to citizens on the closure of roads and the availability of public transport within the area during the festival, but soon manifested into a city wide solution that would address the needs of citizens needing up to date information on routes and bus timetables.

4. Solution

VayaMoja seeks to maximize the efficiency of urban transport systems by discouraging individual automobile use and promoting more effective, healthy and environment-friendly modes of transport.

The app functionality had to enhance the user experience of public transport. Furthermore, it had to meet interactivity requirements from a number of angles and provide real-time information on:

  • Transport routes with departure and real-time estimated times of arrival;
  • Alerts on unplanned closures that may arise during the festival;
  • Transport fares to the festival and while at the festival;
  • Public transport access points & availability via geo-located buses;
  • Eco-Mobility event details and points of interest;
  • Festival specific contact information; and
  • Emergency telephone numbers with social media sharing.

The app was developed across the platforms for public use, so Windows Phone, Android and Apple iOS. The management solution and all the application backend is hosted in Microsoft Azure through Smart Citizen.

The second phase of the VajaMoja app was to deploy GPS tracking receivers into the buses on the public routes to enable citizens to be able to see in real time the arrival of their transport.

Intended to empower commuters to plan a journey based on their current location and where they want to be, users can search destinations, select routes and see bus arrival times. The Johannesburg public bus service currently has a spider web of routes across the city, with a multitude of stops which even regular users might not be aware of.

5. The Results

VajaMoja progressed from being an app born of an initiative to promote smart cities and eco-mobility to being a solution that would provide the City of Johannesburg with a comprehensive public bus transport app for citizens.

The results of VajaMoja have since been incorporated into the newly launched Smart Citizen in the Smart Citizen Commute component and is available to all city authorities globally to deliver a public transport app for citizens.

VajaMoya can be installed from the following app stores:

windows google istore


You can view screenshots of the app below:

  • Skhumbuzo Macozoma

    Since we launched the Find and Fix app, the residents of Johannesburg have come on board with great enthusiasm, resulting in improved positive responsiveness to service delivery issues.

    Skhumbuzo Macozoma, Johannesburg Road Agency Managing Director
  • Skhumbuzo Macozoma

    An increasing number of residents and customers are using the app to assist the City to timeously attend to service delivery breakdowns such as potholes, faulty traffic lights and other road-related defects.

    Skhumbuzo Macozoma, Johannesburg Road Agency Managing Director
  • Skhumbuzo Macozoma

    We have reduced the average time to resolve a service request from 32.4 days to less than a day,

    Skhumbuzo Macozoma, Johannesburg Road Agency Managing Director
  • Skhumbuzo Macozoma

    The launch of this new smartphone app forms part of our turnaround strategy and service delivery drive

    Skhumbuzo Macozoma, Johannesburg Road Agency Managing Director